Comparisons for High-Earning Workers

For well-earning workers, the conclusion of a private health insurance is usually far more advantageous than the statutory. Services can be determined individually and optimal treatment at the doctor is ensured. The patient has more options and can tailor the method of treatment to the doctor, as the benefits include expensive treatments.

Te comparison is worthwhile

Te comparison is worthwhile

A detailed comparison between private health insurance is definitely worthwhile. Since there are more than 30,000 insurance companies in Germany, it is all the more difficult to have all the offers in one overview. In any case, the Private Health Insurance Test is also possible online via various platforms. If required, various companies can also take on asylum seekers for insurance and locate a suitable company for the insured person. On platforms, insurances are compared according to different categories. As a rule, performance in relation to the monthly contribution plays the decisive role, from which the quality of an insurance can be derived. The private health insurance comparison Stiftung Warentest is also designed according to these criteria.

Calculate monthly contributions online


A PKV calculator is embedded on most platforms online and allows you to calculate the monthly insurance contributions according to different criteria. The customer can specify his necessary services of an insurance package exactly. After this entry, the calculation of the monthly contribution takes place. Insured persons should always be aware that getting into a private health insurance with increasing age also leads to a higher contribution. Therefore, especially for young people the early entry into a private health insurance is recommended. Important services such as dentures, spa stays and return air transport from abroad should be integrated in case of an accident in a good package in any case. A PKV calculator is a great way to make an accurate calculation of costs when switching to private insurance. The cost / performance ratio can be further discussed using a private health insurance test. Many platforms have succeeded at a high level in demonstrating this comparison. Interested parties can also refer to the private health insurance comparison Stiftung Warentest and thus to make the decision for the right choice of a private health insurance.