Retirement Loan

If you are retired and need a bank loan to finance your projects, Banks offers you the solution that will suit all your needs. With the Retirement Loan, you will be able to access the necessary financing to cover the expenses required for the fulfillment of your project, with the freedom to decide on what and how you will use it. Get close to Banks and get the much needed loan!


  • The Retired Loan is a free destination, that is, you can use it as you like and for what you need.
  • You can be a beneficiary of this loan if you have a Retirement, Retirement, Provincial or National Pension.
  • Term: Up to 60 months.


  • D1: Provincial Retirees – New Financing
  • D2: Provincial Retirees – Refinancing debts
  • D3: National retirees


  • Provincial Retirees: You can access up to a maximum amount of $ 500,000.
  • National Retirees: You can access up to a maximum amount of $ 300,000.

The amount that can be accessed with the Retirement Loan of Banks will be subject to credit evaluation and compliance and presentation of all the Requirements required by the Bank.

Rates applicable to the Retired Loan

Retirement Loans, Retired and Provincial Pensioners – Destination 1:

  • TNA: 32.35%.
  • TEA: 37.62%.
  • TEM: 2.66%.
  • CFT (e): 47%.

Retirement, Retired and Provincial Pensioners Loan – Destination 2:

  • TNA: 37.23%.
  • TEA: 44.30%.
  • TEM: 3.06%.
  • CFT (e): 55.64%.

Retirement Loans, Retired and National Pensioners – Destination 3:

  • TNA: 34.79%.
  • TEA: 40.92%.
  • TEM: 2.86%.
  • CFT (e): 51.26%.



To apply for the Retirement Loan, you must present yourself at any of the Banks branches with the required documentation:

To verify the identity

  • Your Identity Document
  • Constancy of CUIT / CUIL

To verify your address

  • A fixed service bill (electricity, water or landline) in your name.

To determine the amount you can access

  • Last Receipt of Payroll

The Retirement Loan of Banks is the perfect tool for entrepreneurship and realization of your projects and goals, and you can apply for it whether you are a Natural Person or a Legal Person.

Depending on the account you select, you will have to pay certain commissions, a list to which you will have access before signing the contract. A financial advisor of Banks will answer all your questions and offer you the best account and the one that suits your needs and client status. Apply now for your Retirement Loan from Banks and turn your projects into reality!